Equipment for foam concrete manufacturing

Ust_photosEquipment for foam concrete manufacturing

FIRM SOYUZ, Ltd, LLC is the leading company in the field of technologies for the production of foam concrete, offers a wide range of possibilities for the opening production of foam.


FIRM SOYUZ, Ltd, LLC offers installations for the production of foam, shaped for the formation of foam concrete blocks, foam concrete foaming agent to prepare a mixture of technology and preparation for any existing foam density.

Foam concrete mixer MPB1000 – designed for the preparation of foam concrete mix. Installed in production lines for the production of foam concrete articles.

In the preparation of cement-sand mixture is added to the foam prepared in a special unit – the foam generator. After stirring the mixture components of the cellular structure is prepared for the formation of its various construction products. For sufficiently hardened foam manufacturing steaming chambers at atmospheric pressure.

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