Foaming agent for foam concrete SOFIR-PB

SOFIR Standard 26.6-32440539-002:2005

Foaming agent for production of foaming concrete “SOFIR-PB” is a concentrated liquid which belongs to the biodegradable foaming agents, has low toxicity, corresponds to hazard class 4, non-explosive, slow-burning, self-burning temperature is 430 C. Designed to obtain foaming concrete of various densities.

Depending on the ratio of components, foaming concrete may be heat insulating or constructional. In the first case its bulk density is 400-600 kg / m3, and the strength is 0,5-1,0 MPa, in the second is 800-1200 kg / m 3 and 3,0-5,0 MPa accordingly. Such material meets all the requirements of the self-bearing walls device and heat insulating layers of walls and ceilings for low-rise buildings.

The necessary strength characteristics and dimensional weight of foaming concrete are given by change in the quantity of added foam and the ratio of cement and use of an inert filler (sand, ash, etc.).

Consumption of foaming agent is 0,9 – 1,2 l to produce a cubic meter of foaming concrete.


Name of indicatorsNormative values
Density at 20 C, kg / m31000-1200
PH value7.5-10.0
Multiplicity of foam: - low, not higher than20
4 Congelation point, not higher than, C -3-3
5 Stability of foam, sec, not less than 240240
The uniform pores, small, with closed structure

Manufacture with foaming agent SOFIR-PB

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