Manufacture of foam concrete

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFoam concrete – a lightweight cellular concrete, the resulting curing solution consisting of cement, sand and water, as well as foam.
Foam is created by the uniform distribution of air bubbles throughout the mass of concrete with a mechanical mixing preformed foam concrete mix. The foam provides the required air content of the concrete and its uniform distribution throughout the mass.
The foam is prepared from a blowing agent (synthetic or bio-based).


GOST 5742-76 Products from porous concrete insulating
GGOST 27005-86 CONTROL RULES average density
GOST 10180-90 METHODS FOR STRENGTH control samples
GOST 12852.5-77 METHOD FOR DETERMINING FACTOR vapor permeability
MGSN 2.04-97 sound insulation DESIGN CONSTRUCTION residential and public buildings



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