Foaming agents for oil and gas extraction


FIRM SOYUZ, Ltd, LLC has developed a unique formulation and now commercially produces foaming agents for stimulating oil and gas production. These products enable you to increase hydrocarbon production by 2-4 times (proved by industrial tests).

The foaming agent for oil and gas production is produced in two versions:

•    SOFIR-M foaming agent (liquid) acc. to technical specifications TU U 26.6.-32440539-002:2005 (TEAS-M foamer analogue acc. to technical specifications TU 38.507.63-2-88);
•    SOFIR-SF foaming agent (solid and liquid) acc. to technical specifications TU U 20.5-32440539-006:2014

SOFIR-M and SOFIR-SF foaming agents are recommended for use in the oil- and gas-production industry for improved recovery, including:
•    Carryover of fluids for gas, gas-condensate and oil wells;
•    Cleanout and killing of wells;
•    As an additive for acid treatment;
•    Drilling in;
•    Well development on deposits with low formation pressure;
•    Sand washing.

Industrial tests of SOFIR-M agent for stimulation of oil and gas production processes have shown that SOFIR-M foaming agent allows to achieve a higher and more sustained positive effect compared with the previously used agents.

SOFIR-SF foaming agent (solid stick, liquid) is the latest invention in Ukraine, which has no analogues. This foaming agent in a solid version is used without any additional equipment. Sticks are fed directly into the tubing through the shut-off valves.

SOFIR-SF agent features high foaming properties, which enables you to use it for foaming aqueous and gas-condensate solutions with mineralization up to 300 g/l with the content of condensate of up to 50% at temperatures up to 100 °С.

A water-repellent agent (IVV-1, ChAS-M analogue) is used when treating the bottom-hole formation zone to reduce water wetting of hard rock surfaces and increase relative permeability to hydrocarbons.

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