Foaming agents for airports SOFIR

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FIRM SOYUZ, Ltd, LLC  offers to the foam agent general purpose” SOFIR “designed specifically for airports.

Foaming agent “SOFIR” – environmentally friendly, biodegradable product used for fighting fires of class A and B sub-classes A1, A2, B1 (solid and liquid substances, including wood, cotton, coal, oil and oil products, fats and oils, etc.) and the preparation of solutions of wetting agents, low toxicity, corresponds to the 4th class of dangerous substances according to GOST 12.1.007, nonflammable, non-explosive.

Foaming agent “SOFIR” can also be used to create an air-foam cushion on the runway in the event of an emergency landing.

A feature of this type of blowing agent is the increased stability of the foam. For comparison, the stability of the foam blowing agent general purpose ranges from 200-260 seconds. Foam stability “SOFIR” intended to cover the runway of at least 3,000 seconds.

Specification of foam concentrate

ParameterBatch, actual
Appearance at 20оСНomogeneous liquid with no stratification
Density at 20 оС, kg/m3,
Hydrogen value (рН)7.30
Pour point, оС, max.- 5,-10, -15, -20
Use rate6%
Stability of medium expansion foam, s, min.
- Emission time for 50 vol% liquid of the foam
Multiplicity of foam average not less70
Kinematic viscosity at 200С , mm2/s, max3.1
Shelf life, months, min.36

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