Foaming agents AFFF, AFFF AR

Foaming concentrates type of  SOFIR AFFF 6% (A, B1)  and SOFIR AFFF AR 6% (A, B)

AFFF Foam Concentrate is a superior quality and environmentally responsible aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) which is used at 6% concentration to extinguish fires in hydrocarbon fuels. AFFF foam concentrates are designed for rapid fire knockdown by producing a thin aqueous film which spreads across the surface of the fuel, separating the fuel from oxygen. This is accomplished by allowing the foam solution to quickly drain from the foam bubble, which in turn affects long term sealability and burnback resistance.

IMG_0482The aqueous film is produced by the fluorocarbon surfactant, reducing the surface tension of the foam solution to a point where the solution can be supported by the surface tension of the fuel. The effectiveness of the aqueous film is directly influenced by the surface tension of the fuel. The film tends to be more effective on fuels with higher surface tension, such as diesel and jet fuels, and less effective on fuels with lower surface tension such as hexane and gasoline.

Sofir AFFF 6% and Sofir AFFF AR 6% containing fluorochemical surfactants that control the physical properties of water enabling it to float and spread across the surface of the hydrocarbon liquid.

Specification of foam concentrate:


Product nameSOFIR AFFF 6%, SOFIR AFFF AR 6%
Manufacturer: company, city, countryLLC «Firm «Soyuz, Ltd», Kharkov, Ukraine
Class of fireA(I),A(II), B(I)
European normsEN 1568-3
Density at 20 °C, kg/m31030
Working concentration 6%6%
Pour point, °C, not higher-5, -10, -15
Foam expansion 6% solution: low (4-10) 55
Surface tension Dynes/cm 17.017.0
Viscosity s St6.6
25% Drainage times, S300
Fire out times (gasoline), sec 2525
Warranty 5 year5 year

Foaming agents SOFIR AFFF 6%, SOFIR AFFF AR 6% in terms comply with the following international standards:



• UL 162 – Underwriters Laboratories. Standard for Safety for Foam Equipment and Liquid Concentrates
•    EN 1568 1-4 Fire extinguishing media. Foam concentrates
•    SO 7203 1-3 Fire extinguishing media. Foam concentrates
•    ICAO Service manual DOC 9137-AN/898 Part I
•    CAP 168 Licensing of Aerodromes UK
•    US MIL-F-24385F Fire Extinguishing Agent, Aqueous Film-Forming Foam Liquid Concentrate, For Fresh and Sea Water
•    NFPA 11 — National Fire Codes: Standard for Low-Expansion Foam
•    DEF 42/40 — Foam Liquids, Fire Extinguishing (Concentrates, Foam, Fire Extinguishing) UK Ministry of Defence
•    Loyds Register of Shipping
sofir копия•    Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS)
•    Bureau veritas
•    IMO MSC/Circ.582: 1992 — The Maritime Safety Committee, at its sixtieth session (6 to 10 April 1992), approved Guidelines for the performance and testing criteria, and surveys of low-expansion foam concentrates for fixed fire-extinguishing systems.
•    DEF(AUST)5706 — Foam, Liquid Fire Extinguishing; 3 Percent and 6 Percent Concentrate Specification, Commonwealth of Australia, Australian Defence Standard




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