FIRM SOYUZ, Ltd, LLC has been for more than 10 years the only company in Ukraine engaged in a full production cycle of foaming agents from the synthesis of the base (alkylsulfates) to the analysis of physical and technical characteristics and hot-fire tests of the final product in the certified production laboratory of FIRM SOYUZ, Ltd, LLC.
Foaming agents produced by FIRM SOYUZ, Ltd, LLC are made for 95% of domestic raw materials. Some of the distinguishing features of our company are:


•    Guaranteed high quality of output products;
•    Fast delivery;
•    Competitive price;
•    Availability of the product regardless of currency fluctuations and market conditions;
•    Free warranty service for the entire lifetime of the product;
•    Professional assistance by the company experts


Our company has an advanced infrastructure: production shops, warehouses, a well-equipped certified laboratory, which enables us to carry out production processes up to the highest modern standards.

   FIRM SOYUZ, Ltd, LLC customers are the largest construction companies, divisions of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, vessels of sea and river fleet, industrial enterprises of various industries (oil and gas producing, oil and gas transportation, oil and gas processing, chemical, mining, light industry, heavy industry, mechanical engineering, stocks of crude oil and petroleum products, power generation facilities, ground and air transport facilities). Large lots of foamer are supplied not only to the companies in Ukraine, but also in the countries of CIS and foreign countries, such as Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Iran, the islands of Cape Verde.
The quality of output products is confirmed by a certificate of conformity, quality certificates for every single produced batch, conclusions of the sanitary-epidemiological expertise and state sanitary-hygienic expertise.

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